Nino Manfredi Retrospective - To commemorate the 10th anniversary of his death

Nino Manfredi
The Istituto Italiano di Cultura
, in collaboration with the Oshawa Italian Recreational Club, is pleased to present a film retrospective dedicated to Italian comedian actor Nino Manfredi to commemorate the 10th anniversary of his death.

Saturnino "Nino" Manfredi (22 March 1921 – 4 June 2004) was one of the most prominent Italian actors in the commedia all'italiana genre. He was also a film and stage director, a screenwriter, a playwright, a comedian, a singer, an author, a radio and television presenter and a voice actor.

He won six David di Donatello awards, six Nastro d'Argento awards and the Prix de la première oeuvre (Best First Work Award) at the 1971 Cannes Film Festival for Between Miracles. Typically playing losers, emarginated, working-class characters yet "in possession of their dignity, morality, and underlying optimism", he was referred to as "one of the few truly complete actors in Italian cinema".

Wednesday, September 24 – Wednesday, November 12, 2014
Oshawa Italian Recreational Club - 245 Simcoe Street South, Oshawa, ON
Free admission
Infoline: 416.921.3802 ext. 221


Screening schedule :

Sept. 24 - 7:30pm
A cavallo della tigre di Luigi Comencini (1959)
Running Time: 104 min.
Cast: Nino Manfredi, Mario Adorf, Valeria Moriconi, Gian Maria Volontè, Raymond Bussières, Luciana Buzzanca, Ferruccio De Ceresa
Genre: Comedy/Drama
Synopsis: An inept thief wants to escape prison and return to his family, but two of his prison mates also want out.

Oct. 1 - 7:30pm
Audace colpo dei soliti ignoti di Nanni Loy (1959)
Running Time: 105 min.
Cast: Vittorio Gassman, Nino Manfredi, Renato Salvatori, Tiberio Murgia, Vicky Ludovici, Riccardo Garrone, Carlo Pisacane, Gianni Bonagura, Claudia Cardinale
Genre: Comedy
Synopsis: In this comedy, a bungling gang leader and his henchmen attempt to swipe a suitcase full of loot from a soccer pool. The task seems simple enough, but the gang suffers a variety of zany mishaps before the leader finally gets hold of the money. Just as he gets it, he is arrested by the police for jaywalking.

Oct. 8 - 7:30pm
Io la conoscevo bene di Antonio Pietrangeli (1965)
Running Time: 97 min.
Cast: Stefania Sandrelli, Nino Manfredi, Ugo Tognazzi, Robert Hoffmann, Jean-Claude Brialy
Genre: Comedy/Drama
Synopsis: Adriana is an attractive young girl who counts on using her looks to go places in the entertainment business in Rome. Moving to the capital, she works first of all in a hairdressing salon, then in a small cinema where she manages to get a job working in fancy dress.

Oct. 15 - 7:30pm
Operazione San Gennaro di Dino Risi (1966)
Running Time: 104 min.
Cast: Nino Manfredi, Senta Berger, Harry Guardino, Claudine Auger, Totò, Mario Adorf, Frank Wolff
Genre: Comedy
Synopsis: An American crook and his girlfriend team up with a local to rob jewels from the patron saint of Naples.

Oct. 22 - 7:30pm
Il padre di famiglia di Nanni Loy (1967)
Running time: 105min
Cast: Leslie Caron, Nino Manfredi, Ugo Tognazzi
Genre: Comedy
Synopsis: In the chaos of post-World War II Rome, architecture students Paola and Marco meet, fall in love, and marry. Despite their separate convictions--he's a Communist, she's a Catholic--they plan an egalitarian marriage, in which each will pursue a career. Although they agree to wait to have children, the babies arrive. Burdened with four children, each parent blames the other...

Oct. 29 - 7:30pm
Per grazia ricevuta di Nino Manfredi (1970)
Runnin time: 114 min
Cast: Nino Manfredi, Lionel Stander; Della Boccardo, Paola Borboni
Genre: Comedy
Synopsis: After a dangerous incident, Benedetto was transferred to a hospital where he should undergo an emergency operation. During the long and complicated operation Benedetto begins to remember his life since he was a young orphan entrusted to the care of his aunt, a small town with not very clear customs.

Nov. 5 - 7:30pm
Le avventure di Pinocchio di Luigi Comencini (1972)
Running time: 134 min
Cast Andrea Balestri; Ciccio Ingrassia; Franco Franchi; Gina Lollobrigida; Nino Manfredi Vittorio De Sica Genre: Fantasy
Synopsis: Based on the children's novel The Adventures of Pinocchio (1883), by the Italian writer Carlo Collodi, this shortened version of Comencini's 1972 mini tv series is about the mischievous adventures of an animated marionette named Pinocchio and his father, a poor woodcarver named Geppetto.

Nov. 12 - 7:30pm
In nome del Papa Re di Luigi Magni (1977)
Running time:103 minutes
Cast: Nino Manfredi, Danilo Mattei, Carlo Bagno
Genre: Drama/Romance
Synopsis: "In Nome Del Papa Re" (In the Name of the Pope King) by Luigi Magni (1977) is set in 1867 when revolution and Garibaldi's forces were close to bringing Rome into the Kingdom of Italy. Monsignor Colombo da Priverno, a world-weary judge on the Papal Supreme Court, wants to resign, disgusted by the violence to which the papacy resorts to maintain secular power. "Open up in the name of the Pope King" is the command of the pope's forces seeking entry into homes, and a chilling reminder of the pope's temporal power.

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